We are often asked, “Why the name Alares?” or “What does Alares mean?”

The name Alares has significant meaning for our organization. Alares were a kind of militia among the Romans; so called from ala, a wing, because of their lightness and swiftness in combat. The name Alares was selected because our philosophy is to achieve our clients’ objectives in a swift manner without sacrificing quality for speed.

The military root of the name Alares also complements the background of the owner and founder, Don Maggioli. Don is a graduate of West Point and a former Green Beret. He instills that same military “can-do” attitude with our staff and subcontractors to successfully accomplish our client’s objectives.

Walking the Talk:

Here at Alares we practice what we preach.

For our headquarters building, we installed a 5 kW electric solar panel system that provides up to 20% of our building’s power. In addition, we installed a 12-ton geothermal heating and cooling system that saves up to 40% of our energy consumption.

Lastly, we conducted a lighting retro-fit which further reduced our electrical consumption by 20%. So when we help our clients reduce their energy and greenhouse carbon footprint, we lead by example.

At Alares, quality control and project management
delivery systems ensure

Our Performance is Exemplary

" One of the best managed professional engineering groups that has worked within the New England region."

– General Services Administration