Making Tomorrow Better

As energy expert advisors to our clients, Alares delivers energy savings, enhanced operational efficiencies, and increased occupant comfort. We provide sustainability solutions that deliver energy and maintenance savings, significant infrastructure upgrades and sustainable design strategies for high-performance environments.

We work for federal healthcare facilities, commercial and private clients who want to efficiently reduce their utility consumption to better protect the environment and reallocate the savings to be more profitable. 

We have performed detailed energy improvements for well over 70 million square feet of federal facilities and non-government buildings.  Based on our extensive energy efficiency experience, we provide our clients realistic solutions.  The result is lower operating costs, smarter energy use and satisfied occupants.

Our core services include:

  • Monitoring Based Commissioning (employment of Smart Technologies)

  • Energy Analytics

  • Building and systems commissioning

  • Retro-commissioning

  • Measurement and Verification

  • Energy Auditing
  • Advanced Metering

  • Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies



We make every energy decision a smarter financial decision. We help buildings run more smoothly and smartly. We are an expert advisor to our customer for energy efficiency solutions that achieve energy and maintenance savings, infrastructure upgrades creating new revenue possibilities with energy solutions. We have experienced engineers who provide top notch solutions that deliver energy savings, enhance operational efficiencies, and increased occupant comfort.


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Alares executes realistic solutions fast.  We achieve our clients’ objectives in a swift manner without sacrificing quality for speed. We excel at implementing practical solutions swiftly to improve quality of life (building performance).  By solving our client’s energy problems faster, we help our clients gain insights to make informed decisions about energy and utility usage across their entire portfolio, as well as providing mechanisms for reducing consumption, cost, and carbon footprint. 


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Our goal is to make our clients better by being more energy efficient and improving their bottom line. 

 Alares is also “better” than our competition. Our clients say it much more than we can.


“One of the best managed professional engineering firms that I have worked with in 25 years of dealing with energy companies”

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Making Tomorrow Better